color Sample 

When placing an order for a color sample you will get 2-4 shades of the color you requested.  The colors you receive will be for fabric that we currently have available closest to the shade that you requested. 


color disclaimer

The fabrics listed below are readily available in a wide variety of colors.  There are additional fabrics listed that have a limited amount available.  We would be happy to accommodate your requests and find the perfect fabric and color for any product.   

We strive to represent each color and fabric displayed on as accurate as possible.  We highly suggest purchasing a color sample before ordering your item due to the fact that not every computer monitor, tablet or phone will display the colors in the same way.  

Fabric Descriptions


Dupioni s a plain weave crisp type of silkfabric, produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft. This creates tightly-woven yardage with a highly-lustrous surface.


"Venezia" is also known as satin jersey. It is fluid, cool, and soft with a smooth, lustrous face and a luscious drape. Medium to lightweight, falls away from the body, curve friendly. Does not cling and is fully opaque. Satin jersey has become very popular for bridal parties because not only is it gorgeous and elegant, but it feels cool on the skin and is wrinkle resistant which makes it very easy to wear. "Venezia" is available in hundreds of beautiful shades to match your wedding theme

Matte Jersey

"Matte Jersey" is a soft, silky, breathable jersey with a resplendent drape. This fabric is firm and durable as well as soothing to the touch and extremely easy to wear. Matte Jersey falls moderately away from the body and does not cling, drapes into soft flares at the hem. The superfine twill on the face helps the straps stay put and gives rich color tones added depth. This is the most effortless and versatile stretchy fabric if you are looking for a gown that your maids will love to wear again. Matte Jersey is suitable for glamorous events as well as beach casual weddings. This fabric is available in the widest array of colors and is a great option for a budget conscious planner